I'm vifino.

Sysadmin, Developer and More.

Projects I worked on

An IRC Bot, my masterpiece. Written in Ruby with Love.

Another bot. Written in Elixr, fancy.

A LuaJIT toolkit for multi-threaded multi-instanced applications. Written in Go.

A Lua embedding tool. Compiles Lua Scripts down to executables. Written in Lua.

Go webserver using Lua for dynamic content

Lua examples for Lua port to PS Vita

Lua port to PS Vita

File Manager for Vita

Mutt source tree

FTP server for PS Vita

Anime searching and download helper

Paste server written in Carbon

IRC bot written in Crystal

UNIX-like reverse engineering framework and commandline tools

Programmable computers for Minecraft

Libraries for PSP2

My dotfiles

Audio tool to input raw samples via STDIN and get raw samples out via STDOUT

Lightweight Web browser, written in C

Lua integration in Ruby

ANSI terminal K-20 meter for JACK

LLVM IR interpreter

Fixes to Apout PDP-11 binary translator

Gin Framework middleware

Multialgorithm CPU & Cryptonote Miner

Go bindings for the Lua C API

Collection of Lua libraries

Evented IO for SpiderMonkey & V8 JavaScript

Go package for interfacing luago Lua bindings

OpenCL-compatible Lua interface

Lua in LLVM

C++ port of Minecraft for the Nintendo Wii

Simple Racket IRC bot

Need to contact me?

Primary, for stuff I actually need to read - adinator1999 at gmail.com
Secondary, don't believe I actually read things there - vifino at tty.sh