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Laser technology is the foundation of driverless, advanced manufacturing, and quantum communication

Laser technology is the foundation of driverless, advanced manufacturing, and quantum communication

The launch technology is the basis of laser applications. Traditional applications have been relatively mature. Laser line projectors and laser sweepers are mostly used as benchmarks in the field of construction engineering. Laser measurement is a combination of laser emission, reception and processing systems. Time, thus calculating distance, displacement and other information. The main applications in the field of laser measurement range from one-dimensional laser range finder, two-dimensional laser radar, to three-dimensional laser scanners and laser radars, which are a process of technology upgrade and application module integration. In the future, the navigation and space perception of mobile intelligent equipment will give priority to the radar system represented by laser radar. The laser system is also expected to become the future unmanned hardware entrance.

Laser processing and forming technology: 3D printing technology opens up imagination for advanced manufacturing

The physical basis of laser processing and forming technology is the spot heat effect after laser beam focusing, and from laser processing to laser forming, from cutting, welding to 3D printing is also a dimensioning process in space and application. The laser 3D printer is a three-dimensional additive technology that melts and seals different printing materials such as metal, ceramics, plastics, sand, etc. at a specified position according to the shape parameters of the target parts in the system. The application of traditional laser processing technology such as laser marking machine, cutting machine, welding machine, etc. has been relatively mature. The laser 3D printing application still has a huge room for improvement. On the one hand, by improving the base metal, the mechanical properties of the workpiece can be effectively improved to be applied to a wider range of fields. On the other hand, the upgrade of the laser and the numerical control system will enable the single machine to satisfy more individuality. Demand. The future development of laser printing technology in these two aspects has opened up the imagination space for advanced manufacturing.

Other advanced laser technology applications: quantum communication, inertial navigation, laser video, laser surgery

At present, laser inertial navigation technology has been applied to military navigation laser gyroscopes; laser display technology is applied to laser televisions; quantum dot lasers have shown broad application prospects in new quantum devices and quantum communication. In addition, the laser has many explorations and applications in the frontier field, and the imagination space is huge in the future.

Investment suggestion: Laser technology has become the basic technology of modern cutting-edge technology, and has demonstrated its key role in the fields of unmanned driving, advanced manufacturing, quantum communication and other technologies. It is recommended to pay attention to the technology upgrade and application development of laser-related enterprises. Including: Superstar Technology (focusing on the application of laser radar in unmanned driving), Han's laser (high-power fiber laser localization), Huagong Technology (focusing on the breakthrough of small and medium power laser equipment), Guangyunda (focus on laser 3D printing in the medical field Application) and so on.

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